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Personal Hygiene Products 

Personal Hygiene Product Distributor and SupplierPersonal Hygiene Product Distributor and SupplierPersonal Hygiene Product Distributor and Supplier

Personal Hygiene Products

Including deodorants, antiperspirants, foot care, mouthwashes, cotton product and other accessories.

  • Petra offers a full host of locker room amenities to pamper your members and guests
  • Sometimes it's the small things that make the difference to your members. Are you doing the small things?
  • Petra offers EquipWipes, an antibacterial gym equipment cleaner. Pre-saturated wipes specially designed to clean dirt, sweat & body oils from all surfaces of your health club or gym equipment. We also continue to carry the full line of Athletix Wipes products.
  • Brand name products and Petra formulations will satisfy your members needs and your GM's budget
  • Buying from Petra allows you to buy in bulk and save your money

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

[BR 750] Body Revive Body Fresh Deodorant

[MC 6000] Right Guard Sport Antiperspirant, scented

[MC 6001] Right Guard Sport Deodorant, scented

[MC 6003] Right Guard Sport Deodorant, Fresh Scent

[MC 6005] Soft & Dry Soft Scent Antiperspirant

[MC 6005-B] Soft & Dry Baby Powder Scent Antiperspirant

[MC 6006] Secret Antiperspirant, regular

[MC 6006-A] Secret Antiperspirant, unscented

[CM 27801]
Clubman Deodorant/Antiperspirant, aerosol, 4 oz.

[CM 27750] Clubman Supreme Deodorant/Antiperspirant, non-aerosol, 4 oz.


Foot Care

[MCHS 700] Hy * Step Foot Sprayer

[MCFS 700] Hy * Spray Foot Deodorant

[MC 6021] Tinactin Liquid Foot Spray

[MC 6019-A] Dr. Scholl’s Foot Powder

Steam & Sauna Products

Eucalyptus Blended Inhalant Fragrance,
[MC 3055] 4 gallons/case
[MC 3005-P] 5 gallon pail

[MC 3055-A] Eucalyptus Oil, 100% pure, gallon

[MC 3056] Eucamate Eucalyptus Evaporator


Mouthwashes, etc.

[BR 900] Body Revive Peppermint Mouthwash

[MC 6070]
Plackers Dental Flossers - singles

[MC 0306] Protexin Concentrated Mouthwash, 12 x 2 oz./case

[MC 6050] Scope Mouthwash Regular, Green, 6/case

[MC 6055] Scope Mouthwash Peppermint, Blue, 6/case

Cups & Cup Holders

[MC 3001] 3/4oz Solo cups

[MC 3009-2] Acrylic Mouthwash Cup holder - double for oz cups

Petra carries a full range of cups for all your needs. Name brands such as Solo and Dixie can make dispensing water, mouthwash or coffee more convenient for your members

For mouthwash cups and cup dispensers, call your Petra rep.


Cotton Products

[MC 4000] Cotton Swabs, 24 packs of 500/case

[MC 4005] Cotton Balls, Jumbo, 48 packs of 100/case

[MC 4000-R] Cotton Rounds, 24 packs of 80/case

Acrylic Jars with Lids, perfect for cotton swabs,
cotton balls and other counter top items.

3" x 3.5" [MC 4006], 5" x 5" [MC 4000-H],
6" x 6" [MC 4005-H]

Accessories & Other Necessities

[MC 4010] Wet Bags, 4 rolls/case

[MC 4012] Wet Bag Roll Holder

[MC 4007] Shower Caps, plastic, 100/case

[MC 7100] Paper Slippers, 1000/case

[SM 6000] Suitmate Swim Suit Dryer

[MC 7068] Athletix Wipes Equipment Cleaner Info (PDF File)

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