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The Wizard Soap Station 

Soap Station for Body Wash, Shampoo or Hand SoapSoap Station for Body Wash, Shampoo or Hand SoapSoap Station for Body Wash, Shampoo or Hand Soap

The Wizard - Soap Made Easy

Just push the button on the Wizard II Soap Station and you are ready to use our premium body wash, shampoo or hand soap.

Petra's Super Concentrates provide excellent body and hair cleansing performance while being mild enough to use multiple times daily. They are available in a variety of popular colors and fragrances while The Wizard II Soap Station can customize the product to a desired richness and thickness.

The Wizard II is a wall mounted soap station, unit similar to a chemical station. In fact, for convenience, it can be linked to an existing chemical station or directly to your water source.

Wizard Soap Stations are available in a number of configurations to best suit your needs including a two button unit for multi-product mixing.

Save time, save space and save money with Petra’s Super Concentrates and the Wizard II Soap Station.

Wizard cost savings calculator (US)

Wizard cost savings calculator (CDN)

John Mickelson, inventor of the Wizard
John Mickelson, inventor of the Wizard

The Wizard II Soap Station

[WZ 300] Wizard II Hybrid Mixing Device

[WZ 400] Wizard II Two Button Hybrid Mixing Device

[WZ 200] Wizard II E-Gap Mixing Device

Super Concentrates

[BR 365SC] Pear-Vanilla Super Concentrate

[BR375SC] Pina Colada Super Concentrate

[BR 385SC] Melon Super Concentrate

[BR 395SC] Citrus Super Concentrate

[BR 370SC] Antimicrobial Hand Soap Super Concentrate

[BR 375SC-F] Foaming Pina Colada Super Concentrate

Platinum Super Concentrates

[BR 100PC] Morning Glory Shampoo Concentrate
[BR 300PC] Aloe & Green Tea Bodywash Concentrate
[BR 350PC] Lavender & Daffodil Combo Concentrate

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